LED Security Lights

LED Security Lights For Visible And Infra-red LED Security Lighting Choices

LED safety lights
The new advances in LED (Light Emitting Diode) science and technology have finally advanced to the point where LED lights are becoming ubiquitous. From their beginning in the electronics industry, to their use in automobile industry ten years back, they are now ready for prime time in house and landscape lighting.

When it comes to securing your property, there are three major functions in which LED security lights can help given their flexible and energy saving properties. We'll talk about the light's deterring function, the personal safety function, and, finally, the illumination of space for security cameras. We will go over these three. As a business owner or home owner, you will find information here that will help you make your decision about employing LED security lights easier.

As an added bonus, we will present several readily available LED security lighting choices.

Outdoor LED Lighting as theft deterrant

The most cost effective way of using LED security lighting is as a theft deterrant. In a neighborhood where some houses have well-lit front lawns all night long and others don't, it is clear which will be the first choice for an opportunistic thief or burglar. Placing lighting on your paths, driveways, and lawn will help your home or business become a less desirable target.

Even relatively weak lighting can serve the purpose of deterring thieves. But the lighting won't help when it is turned off. So this is where it becomes important to choose lighting devices that are reliable and on all night. Only the most recent development of extra-bright, low-power wireless solar LED security lights has enabled them to reliably stay on for all or at least most of the night on a single day's worth of solar energy. Or, if you pick externally powered, wired LED lights, you will save energy on your lights, and possibly hundreds of dollars annually on your lighting (or home protection) bill.

It will add to your peace of mind that these LED lights can last for many years even in a harsh outdoor environment with minimal maintenance.

Your personal security and safety against falls or missteps

When you have things to do around your house at night, the main concern is how safely you can go around the house. Especially for elderly people with more brittle bones, falling down on an unlit path can be dangerous. So always-on lighting will help with your personal safety around the house. You do not need such lighting to be very strong, but you need it to be on at all times at night, just in case.

LED security lights will help in this regard. Well positioned motion detection LED security lights, or solar security lights will do just fine to help you navigate around the house in the dark.

Outdoor LED lights as security camera helpers

You may have noticed that most security cameras for your home have a number of LED diodes around their camera lens. These are infrared LED diodes. They provide a flood of infrared light for a security camera to register moving objects at night. However, for best results, the light should be sufficiently intense. And, as any other light, the intensity of built-in security camera infrared LED lights falls with the distance.

This is why it is important to provide additional sources of lighting, infrared or visible, which will illuminate parts of your property away from the security camera. By installing additional LED security lighting, the effective range of security cameras at night can be increased adequately.

To find choices of LED security lighting that you can purchase easily online, check out the site LED Security Lighting. You will find anything from solar powered security LED lighting to IR LED light illuminator fixtures for security camera use here. LED lights will improve your building safety and lower your monthly electricity bills.

For even more choices of LED wall lights, LED path lights, and more ways to illuminate your landscape, see Section LED Outside Wall Lights.

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