LED Replacement Bulbs Versus Fluorescent Replacement Bulbs

LED Landscape Light Bulbs

If you are looking for LED replacement bulbs, you are in the right place. Chances are, since LED landscape light bulbs have only become popular recently, that you are looking for replacement of the traditional incandescent light bulbs, or possibly fluorescent bulbs, such as CFL, compact fluorescent light bulbs.

You are in a good position here. You will find here a selection of new models of LED replacement bulbs that will be for most intents and purposes a more environment friendly through lower energy consumption than both incandescent and fluorescent lights. Further, unlike fluorescent lights, LEDs contain no toxic gasses such as mercury, so, even in the case they break down, there will be no toxicity released. Also, LED replacement light bulbs will come on instantly upon the flick of the switch, they do not require any warm-up time unlike the fluorescent lights. Last but not least, prices have come down significanly recently on all types of LED landscape light bulbs so you will pay less to start, and then less every single month on your electricity bills.

Just about the only thing that you want to be careful about when picking a replacement LED light bulb is its color spectrum. White LEDs are still a work in progress, and engineers are still seeking a cost compromise when producing a desirable, soft-white light bulbs or warm-white light bulbs. Some people don't like, or can not adjust to the cooler white, so if you are one of such people, be sure to look specifically for soft-white LED bulbs.

The type of warmth of a white LED light is usually denoted by the "color temperature", where 3000 K would stand for a warm white light, 4000 K would be cool or ice white light, and 5000-6000 K would be the standard daylight white light.

We will now proceed to present the types of LED replacement light bulbs that are readily available online.

To find out more about specific types of LED replacement light bulbs, visit the site

For more information on matching LED lighting kits, see section LED Landscape Lighting Kits.


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