Dimmable LED Under Cabinet Lighting, How To Install

Dimmable LED Under Cabinet Lighting, How To Install Dimmer Switch?

As with many nascent technology, there are plenty of myths about LED lights too. For instance, internet is still brimming with videos and quotes that LED lights are less energy efficient than fluorescent lights. This kind of misinformation is possibly due to LED technology so rapidly becoming mainstream that just a few years old information is completely obsolete today.

Dimmable LED under cabinet lighting - is there such a thing?

Another myth is that LED lights can not be dimmed. This is false as well. The fact is that, indeed, LED lights are dimmable, just not with exactly the same dimming mechanism or dimmer that is used to dim regular incandescent lights. In more technical terms, dimming of LED lights is accomplished through dimmers that regulate current while keeping the voltage applied to the LED lights about the same.

So, the same dimmer as is used for regular incandescent lights such as Xenon or halogen lights may not work properly. However, when you buy dimmable LED under cabinet lighting, that dimming mechanism will work swimmingly. You will also find dimmers and dimmer switches that work both with LED and CFL, compact fluorescent, lights. In addition, as you will see below, some LED under cabinet fixtures and under cabinet task lighting will work with any incandescent dimmer too.

Selection of dimmable LED under cabinet kitchen lights

  • Dimmable under cabinet LED lights that include a special LED dimmer

  • Dimmable under cabinet LED lights that will work with an existing incandescent (Xenon, Halogen) dimmer

  • Under cabinet dimmable LED under cabinet task lights that use low voltage electronic dimmer

  • Dimmable under cabinet LED puck lights

Selection of dimmer switches for LED lights

Dimmer switches for LED lights often will work for CFL and incandescent lights as well and some of the switches include a slider to modify its characteristics appropriately to the lights being dimmed. Here is the selection of such dimmers:

Dimmers that will dim incandescent, CFL and LED lights through their C-L technology. Easily adjustable for the exact type of light.

Simple and inexpensive dimmer that will dim LED lights only.

These are the main types of dimmable LED under cabinet lights and dimmer switches. For questions like "How to install dimer switch wires" it is best to visit the individual links provided below, and read the selected individual product descriptions. That way you will know exactly what type of dimmer lights or dimmer switches will suit you best.

For more information on models of dimmable LED lights and LED light switches, as well as for manufacturers and places to find dimmable LED lights and switches online, see site For a special type of puck dimmable LED lights, go to


LED Under Cabinet Lights Plus More

LED Under Cabinet Lights Plus More Websites On The Subject Of LED Under Cabinet Lights

Many are stoked over LED Under Cabinet Lighting. Directly below are suggestions and links that can help anyone determine data associated to Under Cabinet LED Lights.

LED Under Cabinet Lighting And What Are The Very Best Kitchen Light Solutions?

Site full of techie but practical info about the new kitchen lights technology, LED under cabinet lamps. Information on products available, how to install under cabinet lights, as well as the extreme funds saving potential.

Under Cabinet Puck Lighting, How This Trademarked Innovation Stands Apart

LED under cabinet puck lamps add up for me personally simply because it's very simple to put in, and, with my motion probe I don't have to be concerned about switching the lights off either. A useful win-win situation.

Substitute LED Under Cabinet Lighting Choices

I'm just such a clutz when it comes to home renovation. But I discovered that replacement under cabinet LED lights will do just fine for me personally since you hardly have to set up any fittings!

Under Cabinet LED Lights, How To Pick The Most Effective

Extreme cash saving capability of LED under cabinet lights is explained. Because of continuous design improvements Leds are getting to be the final word kitchen area lighting. Choices of technology, sizes and shapes for different makes use of in the kitchen area are reviewed.

To learn more in regards to LED Under Cabinet Lights visit website Led Undercabinet Lights.

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Hardwired Under Cabinet LEDs

Hardwired Under Cabinet LEDs Work Great For Me - Web Links Relevant To Hardwire Under Cabinet Led Lighting

Hardwire Under Cabinet Led Lighting continues to be matter of a great deal of debate currently. Here you will find shortcuts our team found that will help you understand the subject.

Hardwire Under Cabinet LED Lighting Will be the Most Efficient Kitchen Light Solution

Why is hardwire under cabinet LED lighting one of the most efficient? As a result of security concerns, and great looks. At times, hiring an electrician stands to reason to wind up with a secure, beautifully looking kitchen you've always wanted!

Hardwire Under Cabinet LED Lighting Is the Most Successful Kitchen Light Answer

I've went with reduced voltage, traditional hardwired under cabinet Leds. They will work fantastic for me because of great safety, low power consumption, and fantastic appearance. Look at these under cabinet LEDs out for yourself!

Under Cabinet Puck Lighting, How This Trademarked Innovation Stands Apart

LED puck lights are of the form of a hockey puck. They're slim and straightforward to setup, I would just adore them for the kitchen at home. Here is where I found more about them.

Are LED Undercabinet Lights The Wave Of The Future?

Website loaded with technical however sensible info concerning the new cooking area lights technology, LED under cabinet lamps. Info on units accessible, how you can deploy under cabinet lights, and also the extreme cash saving potential.

To find out more about Low Voltage Under Cabinet Lighting have a look at resource site Hardwire Under Cabinet Led Lighting.

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LED Rope Lights

LED Rope Lights Positive Aspects For Outdoor Environments - Shortcuts Dealing With LED Rope Light

Current curiosity about LED Rope Lighting is undoubtedly amazing. We've amassed a handful of very hot website links meant for people seeking to know a lot more.

LED Cord Lights For Landscape Decoration

LED tube lights have many benefits over incandescent and fluorescent lights. As an example, they consume up to 10x less electricity, they final up to 500% longer, and they don't cost you that much anymore either. Check the internet site for extra advantages and for LED tube lighting selections.

LED Exterior Wall Lights Will Make Your Residence Appear Awesome

LED wall lamps when complemented with other landscape lights will offer contrast which will give a dramatic expression to your property facade. When such lighting was awfully high-priced just some years ago, these days, thanks to the solid state LED technology, LED wall lamps are both affordable and demand very small to operate. This internet site will supply you selections of models of reasonably priced LED wall lamps.

Low Voltage Led Lights Are Safer, Cooler, And Brighter

12 Volt LED landscape light is just beginning to take inroads into the US front yard. As a result of the low voltage employed, these lights will probably be safer, much more eco-friendly, cold to the touch, thus a lot more fire-proof. Plus, some 12v led lamps supply a wide choice of color choices, color and brightness control by a remote.

For additional information with reference to LED Tube Lights go to website LED Rope Lights.

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Elevator For Stairs Helps You Stay In Your Home

Elevator For Stairs Helps You Stay In Your Home

When you are faced with a mobility issue or a physical condition that prevents you from walking up and down stairs effortlessly in your beautiful, multi-story home, you are looking at a dilemma that might require considering a chairlift for stairs purchase.


Should you leave your beautiful home and find another that will be a single story only? Should you just forget about the upstairs of your current home, and just stay downstairs?

If your condition is severe enough, you begin to visit the second floor less and less, and each time you do, it brings you pain, and you get exhausted.

Have you seen the statistics that walking upstairs and downstairs is one of the most frequent causes of falls for seniors? And when a senior falls down, the consequences can be dire.

Solution to the dilemma

Is there a solution to this unpleasant dilemma? A solution that will let you stay in the home you love, yet enjoy it in its entirety and not be facing exhaustion and risking a fall every time you visit the other floor in your house?

There is a solution indeed! And it is... Get a Chairlift for Stairs!

What is a chairlift for stairs? Simple, it is a kind of an elevator for stairs where you attach the rail to your stairs, and the electrically powered engine sits on the rail and includes a chair. With this device you can be simply and safely be whisked up or down stairs while significantly reducing the risk of falling.

Warning: Any elevator for stairs that moves up and down stairs is definitely not risk free. However, by following the safety precautions, the risk of falling will be vastly reduced compared to simply walking up and down stairs with a physical condition. Safety precautions with chairlifts for stairs include always wearing a seat belt, learning to use a swivel chair mechanism to safely embark and disembark the chair, and learning thoroughly about the controls of the chair to keep it under complete control at all times.

For more information on various types of chair lifts for stairs that may fit your specific mobility needs, see this website In Home Stair Lifts

Perching Stairlift Selections Can Handle Narrow Stairs

Perching Stairlift Selections Can Handle Narrow Stairs, Offer Support - Website Links Regarding Perching Stairlift

Many are energized over Perch Stairlift. Following are suggestions and web page links to help you find out information connected to Perch Stairlift.

Perch Stairlift Can Be An Excellent Compromise

I found that, for my narrow stairs to the second floor, perch stairlift gives the very best support while nonetheless taking up little space on my stairs, making the installation posssible. Highly suggest perch stairlift if you can handle it.

Standing Stairlift, When Can Be A Standing Model A Far Better Option

Smaller houses sometimes have stairs where a sitting stair lift just wouldn't fit. I found here makes and models of standing stairlifts, perching stair lifts and a lot more that can suit my residence better.

In Home Wheelchair Stair Lift Options And Advice

If you're like me and would like to achive maximum mobility inside your own home, then you may find here wheelchair stairlift advice about different types and different producers of wheelchair stairlifts. Fairly helpful.

Stairlift Installation

If you're disabled, this site will provide fantastic suggestions on how you can install a stair lift. For many folks, you will be very best off permitting a skilled to perform the installation, specifically for wall-mounted stairlifts, and curved stairlifts.

For more information with reference to Perching Stair Lift have a look at site Perching Stairlift.

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Best In Residence Stairlift Kinds - Url Links

Best In Residence Stairlift Kinds - Url Links About Home Stair Lift

Several people are psyched when it comes to In Home Stair Lifts. Down below are ideas and links to help anyone uncover data connected to Home Stair Lifts.

Residence Stairlift Will Make You A King Of Your Residence Once More

In house stairlift kinds are: chair stair lift, perching stairlift, standing stair lift, and wheelchair inclined platform stair lift. All these options are described in this site.

Stand And Perch Stair Lift As A Compromise In Between Standing And Sitting Stairlift

I located that, for my narrow stairs to the second floor, perch stair lift provides the very best support whilst nonetheless taking up little space on my stairs, generating the installation posssible. Extremely recommend perch stairlift in the event you can handle it.

Chair Lifts For Stairs Brands And Models

There are many sorts and many brands of residence lifts. In case you are in a scenario exactly where moving to a smaller, single story spot is out of question, and want to keep your residence accessible, then you'll find here options for residence lifts. Many brands are reviewed.

Wall Mounting Stair Lift Set Up

Advice on the best way to install a stair lift, or much better, how to find the right company to install a stairlift inside your house safely and securely. Selections and kinds of stair lifts are described in excellent detail. A suggested read for anybody severe about improving access in their own house.

For more information regarding Chair Escalator pay a visit to site Home Stairlift.

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LED Security Lights

LED Security Lights For Visible And Infra-red LED Security Lighting Choices

LED safety lights
The new advances in LED (Light Emitting Diode) science and technology have finally advanced to the point where LED lights are becoming ubiquitous. From their beginning in the electronics industry, to their use in automobile industry ten years back, they are now ready for prime time in house and landscape lighting.

When it comes to securing your property, there are three major functions in which LED security lights can help given their flexible and energy saving properties. We'll talk about the light's deterring function, the personal safety function, and, finally, the illumination of space for security cameras. We will go over these three. As a business owner or home owner, you will find information here that will help you make your decision about employing LED security lights easier.

As an added bonus, we will present several readily available LED security lighting choices.

Outdoor LED Lighting as theft deterrant

The most cost effective way of using LED security lighting is as a theft deterrant. In a neighborhood where some houses have well-lit front lawns all night long and others don't, it is clear which will be the first choice for an opportunistic thief or burglar. Placing lighting on your paths, driveways, and lawn will help your home or business become a less desirable target.

Even relatively weak lighting can serve the purpose of deterring thieves. But the lighting won't help when it is turned off. So this is where it becomes important to choose lighting devices that are reliable and on all night. Only the most recent development of extra-bright, low-power wireless solar LED security lights has enabled them to reliably stay on for all or at least most of the night on a single day's worth of solar energy. Or, if you pick externally powered, wired LED lights, you will save energy on your lights, and possibly hundreds of dollars annually on your lighting (or home protection) bill.

It will add to your peace of mind that these LED lights can last for many years even in a harsh outdoor environment with minimal maintenance.

Your personal security and safety against falls or missteps

When you have things to do around your house at night, the main concern is how safely you can go around the house. Especially for elderly people with more brittle bones, falling down on an unlit path can be dangerous. So always-on lighting will help with your personal safety around the house. You do not need such lighting to be very strong, but you need it to be on at all times at night, just in case.

LED security lights will help in this regard. Well positioned motion detection LED security lights, or solar security lights will do just fine to help you navigate around the house in the dark.

Outdoor LED lights as security camera helpers

You may have noticed that most security cameras for your home have a number of LED diodes around their camera lens. These are infrared LED diodes. They provide a flood of infrared light for a security camera to register moving objects at night. However, for best results, the light should be sufficiently intense. And, as any other light, the intensity of built-in security camera infrared LED lights falls with the distance.

This is why it is important to provide additional sources of lighting, infrared or visible, which will illuminate parts of your property away from the security camera. By installing additional LED security lighting, the effective range of security cameras at night can be increased adequately.

To find choices of LED security lighting that you can purchase easily online, check out the site LED Security Lighting. You will find anything from solar powered security LED lighting to IR LED light illuminator fixtures for security camera use here. LED lights will improve your building safety and lower your monthly electricity bills.

For even more choices of LED wall lights, LED path lights, and more ways to illuminate your landscape, see Section LED Outside Wall Lights.

LED Replacement Bulbs Versus Fluorescent Replacement Bulbs

LED Landscape Light Bulbs

If you are looking for LED replacement bulbs, you are in the right place. Chances are, since LED landscape light bulbs have only become popular recently, that you are looking for replacement of the traditional incandescent light bulbs, or possibly fluorescent bulbs, such as CFL, compact fluorescent light bulbs.

You are in a good position here. You will find here a selection of new models of LED replacement bulbs that will be for most intents and purposes a more environment friendly through lower energy consumption than both incandescent and fluorescent lights. Further, unlike fluorescent lights, LEDs contain no toxic gasses such as mercury, so, even in the case they break down, there will be no toxicity released. Also, LED replacement light bulbs will come on instantly upon the flick of the switch, they do not require any warm-up time unlike the fluorescent lights. Last but not least, prices have come down significanly recently on all types of LED landscape light bulbs so you will pay less to start, and then less every single month on your electricity bills.

Just about the only thing that you want to be careful about when picking a replacement LED light bulb is its color spectrum. White LEDs are still a work in progress, and engineers are still seeking a cost compromise when producing a desirable, soft-white light bulbs or warm-white light bulbs. Some people don't like, or can not adjust to the cooler white, so if you are one of such people, be sure to look specifically for soft-white LED bulbs.

The type of warmth of a white LED light is usually denoted by the "color temperature", where 3000 K would stand for a warm white light, 4000 K would be cool or ice white light, and 5000-6000 K would be the standard daylight white light.

We will now proceed to present the types of LED replacement light bulbs that are readily available online.

To find out more about specific types of LED replacement light bulbs, visit the site

For more information on matching LED lighting kits, see section LED Landscape Lighting Kits.


LED Walkway Lights

LED Walkway Lights And How LED Technology Makes Brighter, More Efficient Light

LED Driveway Lights
The new, energy efficient LED lighting technology is briskly finding its way into our homes and yards, and into LED path lights and LED walkway lights. Just a few years ago, buyers of solar path lights, or battery powered path lights complained about dim lighting overall. These buyers perhaps even resigned from ever looking for battery powered or solar lights again. Big mistake. In the past few years, the new solid state highly energy efficient LED lighting technology has reached a point where, both solar powered, and battery powered, motion sensor activated battery lights can be very bright and last a long time on top of that.

In this section we will cover the main reasons why LED lights are as attractive as they are for use as path lights. We will also cover some tips and snags to be aware of when installing or using LED driveway lights. Finally, we will provide links to sites where you can cheaply and conveniently buy these LED path lights.

LED path lights - the sweet spot of LED lighting technology

Full spectrum LED lights: Without a doubt, the best thing that ever happened to lighting since Edison and colleagues invented and promoted incandescent light bulb, is the appearance, and viability of energy efficient, full-spectrum LED lighting technology. With the long-coming design of blue LED lights in the 1990's, the 2000's are seeing a widespread use of full-spectrum, including white-light LED technology being used in many places where previously incandescent, fluorescent, even plasma lighting ruled.

Super high light efficiency: The main feature of LED lights pertaining to path lighting is the extremely high efficiency of LED diodes. High efficiency means this: Low wattage produced by a battery, or low-voltage source, or even by a solar cell, will provide sufficient power to the LED lights to illuminate a path in your yard, or a path in your front lawn.

The LED prices are coming down: Now the extra bright LED diodes suitable for LED path lighting are not the cheapest. That is the bad news. The good news is that the prices are coming down, and that, you do not need many LEDs to sufficiently light up a pathway. This is what makes today's LED pathway lights the sweet spot for the LED lights technology. You may not be able to get super-high powered LED flood lights without spending a lot, but you will get bright LED walkway and driveway lights at a good price.

The price is even more attractive when you factor in the longer life of LED bulbs (which is a consequence of the solid state design, and low levels of internal heating), and their low energy consumption.

LED path lights tips

LED light endurance: If you buy from a reputable LED lighting producer you can be assured that your LEDs will last a long time, even outdoors. LED lights are not indestructible, and they can not be immersed in water, but they are highly immune to electric voltage fluctuations, and to mechanical shocks thanks to their solid state design. It is not uncommon for LED lights to last ten or more years.

LED solar lights height: Stand-alone solar LED path lights can be inserted as deep as desired into the ground, if you are afraid of someone pulling them out easy. The biggest issue with LED path lights being too close to the ground, however, is their housing becoming dirty easily, and thus reducing the light output.

Short LED lifetime reports? If you see customers reporting of the short lifespan of LED lights (such as on buyer reviews on Amazon), be sure to check the date of the report. LED lights manufacturing has made huge progress in the past 5 years, so quality reports on LED walkway lights prior the year 2006 do not apply any more.

How to purchase LED parkway lighting

The largest variety of choices of LED lights can be found with the online giant Amazon. In general you will find more selection and lower prices through online warehouses rather than at local Walmart or Home Depot.

To find more information on manufacturers and types of LED path lights that you can find online, see site

For information on how these LED light will help with your home or building security, see section LED security lamps.

LED Outside Wall Lights Will Make Your Home Look Awesome

LED Outside Wall Lights Will Make Your Home Look Awesome - Links Concerning LED Landscape Wall Lighting

Latest interest in LED Wall Lighting is undoubtedly impressive. We've collected some awesome web page links just for folks seeking to understand a great deal more about this topic.

LED Landscape Wall Lighting And How Utilizing Wall Lights Permits Your Property Be Prominent

The website will supply you with alternatives of where to acquire LED wall light. You may save income buying it, in addition to running the LED lights. Your house will stand out from the rest because of spectacular however classy light effects that the LED wall lamps will present.

12 Volt LED Garden Light And Why Low Voltage DC LED Lights Function Much Better

low voltage led lights have come down in cost sufficiently that they are for most purposes the number one selection for all your landscape lighting needs. They're safer, low-power, and generate far more light per unit electric power. In case you are utilizing lighting for a great component of the night on your premises, you are able to save a bundle each and every single year with 12 Volt LEDs.

LED Wall Lighting And How Making Use Of Wall Lights Lets Your Residence Be Noticeable

The web site will supply you with options of where to purchase LED landscape wall lighting. You are going to save cash acquiring it, along with running the LED lights. Your property will stay ahead of the rest because of dramatic yet tasteful light effects that your LED wall lights will provide.

For additional information related to LED Outdoor Wall Lighting go to resource site LED Outside Wall Lights.

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Outdoor LED Spot Lamp Alternatives

Outdoor LED Spot Lamp Alternatives And Advantages And Extra Websites About LED Spot Lights

LED Spot Lights has long been topic of a great deal of debate these days. Right here you will find hyperlinks we identified that will help you understand the subject.

LED Area Lights And The Many Uses For Outdoor LED Spot Lamp

LED spot lighting could be employed for decoration of trees, can be utilized to illuminate house walls, and accent any special attributes of your property at night. This internet site provides suggestions for choices of LED area light, and gives the pros and cons of LED lighting.

Garden Tree Lighting And The Way To Make A Tree Appear Awesome At Night

Landscape LED plant light won't only make your trees and shrubs within your garden or front yard beautifully lit up and throwing breathtaking shadows. They'll also save you a bundle on your monthly utility bill as LED lights could be as much as 400% more energy efficient as the regular fluorescent lights, and even much more so compared to any type of incandescent lighting.

LED Lighting Systems Alternatives And LED Lawn Light

LED light bulbs have superb durability, weather resistance, and low power consumption. LED landscaping light systems are consequently far better than any other kinds of outdoor lighting for most purposes. Be it for homes, for store fronts, or for restaurant patios, you'll locate LED lamps that can be a fantastic return on your investment over the years.

For more info in regard to Outdoor LED Spot Light have a look at site LED Spot Lighting.

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Outdoor LED Spot Light Selections And Rewards

Outdoor LED Spot Light Selections And Rewards - Bookmarks Regarding Outdoor LED Spot Light

Latest interest in LED Spot Lights is certainly astonishing. We have now gathered numerous very popular web page links meant for people seeking to know a lot more.

Outdoor LED Spotlight Light Alternatives And Benefits

LED spot lighting could be employed for decoration of trees, might be utilised to illuminate residence walls, and accent any unique functions of your property at night. This internet site supplies suggestions for choices of LED spotlight lamp, and gives the pros and cons of LED lighting.

LED Flood Light Packages Save You Hard Cash

LED floodlight packages will save you funds in three different ways. First, they are less costly to run month right after month. Second, they present less of a fire hazard than other, hot-running lights. Third, they are becoming much less pricey to get.

LED Wall Lights Offer A Stunning Impression Of Your House At Night

The internet site will offer you with options of exactly where to obtain LED wall lamp. You are going to save funds buying it, in addition to running the LED lights. Your home will stand out from the others because of dramatic however stylish light effects that your LED wall lamps will supply.

For additional information regarding LED Spot Light pay a visit to site LED Spot Light.

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Home Stairlifts - Should You Choose A DC Powered Or An AC Powered Residence Stairlift?

When you live in a multi story house and walking up and down the stairs just isn't feasible anymore, either because you have suffered from an injury, or because a physical condition is causing you to be short of breath just taking a couple of stairs, then I'm sure you have thought of getting a stairlift at one point or the other.

Residential stairlifts or building stairlifts are mobility devices that consist of a rail or track and a car which is suitable for standing or sitting and whisks you from one end of the stairs to the other, no legwork required.

And when you check out the manufacturers and the models, you come to a question: What kind of a stairlift should I get? Several manufacturers offer AC powered chair lifts and others offer DC, or battery powered lifts. So which would work better for you?

We're going to look into a few points here that could make your decision easier for you. The questions we'll ask are: How is your residential power delivered? How is your condition or injury affecting your sense of balance, and how much maintenance are you willing to devote to your stairlift?

Based on the answers, you will be better able to decide whether to go for an AC or a DC variety of a stairlift.

How stable is your residential AC power source?

Based on your past experiences, have you found that frequently, out of nowhere, you experienced a power outage? Did that power outage last an appreciable amount of time? Can you think of many instances? Well, if you live in an area where power outages are frequent and lengthy, then you should lean toward a battery powered residential stairlift. They will operate even during the power outage an will provide at least two dozens or more trips without recharging the battery. AC powered chair lifts on the other hand, will get stuck wherever the outage catches them and will stay there until the power comes back. How risky is that for you if you would get stuck like that?

Is the condition you have also affecting your sense of balance?

If so, you definitely want a solid seat belt on your chair lift, you want a solid swivel chair to make the entry and exit into the chair easier, and, most of all, you should go with the DC powered stair lift. Why? Because these usually have less of a jerky motion at the beginning and at the end of the trip. The manufacturers offer no explanation for why that is but it can be tracked down simply to more power in an AC engine than in a typical DC or battery powered engine. With less power, naturally, the acceleration and "jerkiness" is less pronounced. Consequently, you will less likely be shaken off balance, which could increase the risk of fall.

How much maintenance are you willing or able to provide?

The battery operated stair lifts may be more reliable when it comes to power outages, but the battery technology is not perfect so batteries age, and lose their power over time. This is sometimes difficult to forecast or even diagnose. So batteries in a battery powered stairlifts need to be maintained regularly, and replaced from time to time to prevent any "weird" or "unusual" behavior when the battery starts to show its age. So if you are not ready to provide or schedule regular maintenance of a stairlift, then you should be better off with an AC powered stairlift.

Still undecided? See the website for a large selection of both AC and battery powered stairlifts. Examples include AC and DC powered Ameriglide stairlifts and DC powered Brooks stairlift, model Lincoln.