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LED Under Cabinet Lighting - Wireless Solution For The Best Looking Kitchen

With the incredible efficiency of LED lights, wireless LED under cabinet lights that are battery powered make sense for the very first time. It is just impossible to imagine any kind of efficient incandescent or even fluorescent battery powered under cabinet lights.

There are some tempting advantages of wireless LED under cabinet lights and some serious drawbacks, let's describe them:

Advantages of wireless LED under cabinet lights

LED lights come as close to fulfilling the lifelong dream of wireless lighting. Because they use so little energy, under cabinet lighting in the kitchen can run for a long time on batteries alone. As such, they sport no wires.


  • The first advantage of wireless LED under cabinet lights is that there is no wires to install, no wires to guide through the furniture, and no confusion in hot and busy kitchen environment. Installing wireless under cabinet lighting is a breeze.

  • The second advantage is that due to them being so compact, the kitchen under cabinet lighting can be attached to the cabinet by a tape alone, and often, that will be sufficient.

  • The third advantage is the ability to implement motion detection, which can prevent battery draining when you forget to turn the lights off. This can indeed significantly prolong the effective life of batteries.

  • The fourth advantage is that, due to wireless kitchen under cabinet lights being light and using no wires, it is possible to use these lights inside the cabinets and cupboards, and there is no need to drill holes through the cabinet walls to provide access to electricity. This is especially important for expensive cabinets or cabinets that you do not own, in case you are renting your home.

  • The fifth and last advantage of wireless under cabinet LED lights is that they can be very useful in case of power outage.


Disadvantages of wireless LED battery powered under cabinet lighting


  • The first and foremost disadvantage is that the battery life is necessarily limited, therefore the useful lifetime between battery exchanges will be limited. As mentioned above, this deficiency can be minimized by purchasing wireless LED under cabinet lights that feature motion detection.

  • Second disadvantage. Because many owners opt for the tape attachment of wireless LED under cabinet lights, the lights are prone to detachment and fall from their position. It is always advisable to affix the lights to the cabinet if at all possible. If this is not possible, it is important to heed manufacturer's advice about affixing the tape to give it the best chance of holding up with the weight of the LED light.


Types of wireless under cabinet LED lights available on the marketplace


  • Wireless Bar LED undercabinet lights

  • Wireless LED undercabinet lights featuring a motion sensor

  • Wireless LED undercabinet lights featuring a remote


For more information on manufacturers, models of these and similar types of wireless under cabinet kitchen lights, go to For hard wired counterparts, you can check out

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