Before Buying A Stairlift, Consider These Stairlift Renting Options

When your mobility has been impaired and you are having a hard time simply just walking upstairs and downstairs in your own home, maybe you are beginning to consider to buy a stairlift. That is a great idea, but stairlifts cost a lot of money. So what might be your alternatives to buying a stairlift that you can consider? You'll find here three possible alternatives and have you decide which one feels better for you. The three alternatives to buying a stairlift are: Move to a single story house or apartment, Remodel your current home to add rooms, or Rent a stairlift.

Move your residence

When your mobility has been reduced so much that walking upstairs and downstairs is not only difficult but downright life threatening due to exhaustion, and possible severe falls, moving to a single story residence makes sense.

However, when you have lived in your house for a significant amount of time, and you know and love your house, your neighbors, and your way of life, it can be unpleasant and stressful just to think about moving.

I know a person who moved himself several times across the continent. He likes to quote a saying "Better burn down once than move three times." He is not the only one who hates to move.

One simply has to consider the costs of moving, and the hassle associated with it. Cleaning up the house, staging it and selling it, broker and agent fees, finding new single story residence in possibly completely different neighborhood, having new neighbors. You may be forced to live farther away from your family and friends and see them less often. There are a lot of factors besides the finances to consider when contemplating a move.

Remodel your current home

Maybe you could move entirely into a single story of your current home? Maybe remodeling the house by adding another room on the level that is accessible to you would make sense. Maybe add another bathroom. House conversions and remodels like that are clearly possible. Yet remodels are expensive. The costs of ground floor remodeling can go into tens of thousands of dollars. Plus, what are you going to do with the upper floor?

Rent a stairlift

If there is a remote chance that your mobility condition is not permanent, consider renting a stairlift. That is quite a viable option in most locales. However, due to installation costs, and the inherent loss of market value of the stairlift on first use, renting only makes sense when yuoiu plan to rent for 1 to 5 months only. Anything longer than that, renting becomes more costly than straight-out purchasing the stairlift.

Is none of the above alternatives cutting it for you, and you really want to keep enjoying all the floors of your house despite your disability? Then maybe buying a stairlift and installing it is the best option for you.

There are several types of stairlifts available. Depending on your situation, one stairlift may be better suited for you than the other.

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